These are some of the images we did a few months ago for a job that will be published abroad. I designed 20 hairstyles and we shot for 2 grueling but supah fun days. [some backstage stuff here, here, here and here]

Photographs by Thanassis Krikis
Fashion editor Nicholas Georghiou
Make up by Stellar
Hair by Thanos Samaras
Model Lena Lomkova

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5 Responses to “”

  1. mariaflora Says:

    speechless. Well done to all of you, i absolutely love every shot

  2. Yatabazah Says:

    i think of you tons.
    let’s do a project and stuff.

  3. Margaret Says:

    All fabulous … especially some of those structured curls (
    And do you know yet where they will be “published abroad?” Will these be appearing on news stands here soon?

  4. Yatabazah Says:

    they’ll be in a museum catalog to begin with and then magazines.

  5. mariaflora Says:

    i do too. Loads. And i would be delighted to. In fact i am rather ecstatic even thinking about it. I will get back to you towards the weekend to plot.

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