Fascinating, the level of fine craftsmanship that went into the making of these exquisite shop window mannequins. Pierre Imans in Paris and Irwin Culver in New York, early 20s. Due to the fact that they were made of vulnerable organic materials such as glass, wax, paper and human hair, so few of them survive today in good condition but I’m hell bent on acquiring one to study.

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  1. Vicki Bamman Says:

    These items make me think of my Aunt Lola, who died recently. I saw books and combs like these in her house way back when I was a kid. She absolutely loved doing hair. She made my wedding dress and did my hair in a lovely style that she made up, with a french twist in back and a pompadour front. Good memories.

  2. Edwin Hekkema Says:

    I have found a torso / mannequin just the head, torso and I like to now who she is greetings Edwin Hekkema

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