I hadn’t been home in a few months, I had missed interacting with them, more than I care to admit.
Mdvanii is an entirely handmade doll, 10 inches tall, made in Paris in the late 80s. She’s cast in fragile resin, has hand-painted features and human hair wigs. Her outfits were sewn by the same seamstresses that worked at the haute couture houses of that time, using scraps of fabric left from haute creations. Her wigs were crafted by the same artisans that made the wigs for the Moulin Rouge showgirls. She was made in very limited editions, each doll is different and identified by a unique number and name. Very rare and quite expensive, she is the most exquisite and sensually stimulating doll I have ever touched.

[All the Mdvanii wigs featured in this film were made by me.]

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2 Responses to “Mdvanii”

  1. AMAZING. Really had a genuine mood about it. Says:

    Mdvanii was to me the best of what I love about fashion dolls. She represents a sort of conundrum; everything I’ve always wanted to do with a fashion doll of my own and much of what I’d never do.

    The doll is self is fascinating. Sexy, sophisticated, glamorous and a magical mysterious aura that keeps me intrigued even after all these years. Since 1989 Mdvanii was more then a fashion doll, although a fashion doll she is. The idea that she is a work of art is pushed now more then ever by her creators, who seem to take pleasure in burning their bridges with the doll collectors they ENTHUSIASTICALLY sought out during the dolls initial debut. Mdvanii was sold as a luxury fashion doll for collectors and was advertised as such in doll related publications. This can not be denied by her creators and the over all alien look of the doll in comparison to mass produced fashion dolls, made her seem that much more unusual. Mdvanii is art. She was for me in the very beginning traumatizing in the positive (if trauma can be positive) and I always felt she was special. Accepting that she is art is one thing, having it rammed down my throat is another. Your favorite Ice cream is still yummy, but if the company that sells it holds a gun to your head and screams “EAT” human nature clicks and a fight is born.

    Thanos has done what I would do with mdvanii. He Glorified her in his own unique way because she is his doll, not his creation. Selling anything for a price means the creator loses control over how it is viewed by each individual. Fascism is not acceptable no matter how much the artist screams “artistic integrity”. Your integrity is yours, your ideas made physical and sold for cash are no longer your property alone. Want to keep it pure? Then don’t sell it.
    Thanos claims his mdvanii as a logical expression of how he see’s her in his world, through his eyes.
    If mdvanii could speak for her self she’d want to be free to inspire those of us who truly love her.

  2. Sycophant Stalker Says:

    By the way, I made the previous post. MDVANII IS OURS AS WELL AS THE CREATORS.

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