What excites me about things [dolls too], is to break the rules.
Taking dolls that are created for mere decorative purposes, trapped in tacky ethnic garments pinned or glued on them, un-re-styleable hair, rigid immovable bodies, permanently propped up on bases, cursed to eternally spend their lives on some shelf, and setting them free.
Some of these dolls have unexpectedly amazing face molds that go to waste in such distasteful incarnations.
I found this doll in a Chinese supermarket and was immediately aware of her potential. Head made of plaster with impecable skin texture and inset glass [i.e. plastic] eyes, great facial features. The styrofoam body, tacky Chinese extravaganza outfit, nylon hair, etc, are instantly ripped off of her, a multi-jointed body for the head, a human hair wig and presto-change-o, she is free to be whoever she [you] want[s] to be.
In this case, a mod get up and Westwood shoes.

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