This hair is over 100 years old. I found it at an antique store in Paris, inside a small cardboard box, tied in a ponytail with a mauve ribbon. It was tagged “31st March 1912, Valérie” in pencil. So either Valérie “bobbed” her hair as was the trend around that time, or she died young and her hair was cut and saved as a memento. Who knows. It’s a charming shade of ash blond and it’s clearly hair of a young person. I had it made into wefts and used it on a Vogue cover shoot as extensions on the model. No one was aware of the presence of this demure participant but I was on the verge of singing from happiness. Bringing this girl back to life, on a Vogue cover, immortalized forever. Not a bad turnout, after spending 90 years in a mothy box, in some creepy Parisian attic. Oh wait, that sounds pretty cozy.

Anyway, there is a hurricane at large in NYC, my shoots cancelled, not much to do but eat and fap. So I gave Valérie a spa treatment, cause you know, she may not look it but she’s an old girl. After a deep conditioning with oils and steam, she finished off with an iced water and vinegar bath. She’s now resting, silky and perked up.

I’ll tell her you said hello.

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